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    Eco Guide Café offers SDG activities that take care of marine life and corals.

    • Experience Diving / Experience Slow Diving

      Experience diving at Eco Guide Cafe is completely one-on-one!
      You will feel like a professional diver with the support of your guide.

      The one-on-one diving experience at Miyakojima Eco-Guide Cafe is a unique one-on-one diving experience that allows you to experience advanced fun diving.The weightless swimming through the coral reef is a truly exquisite experience.

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    • Snorkeling

      Enjoy and learn eco-snorkeling playing with ECO manners!

      Eco Guide Cafe offers eco-snorkeling playing with ECO manner "No Touch".This manner is to inherit the beautiful coral reefs of Miyako Island to your children and grandchildren.

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    • Skin Diving

      Snorkeling is not enough for you.You will be healed by the graceful underwater time that you cannot experience from the surface of the sea.

      Free diving without heavy equipment and with long fins.This course is for those who have snorkeling experience.You can get closer to coral reefs that are too far away from the surface, or observe sea turtles from the perspective of fish instead of looking at them from above, doubling your enjoyment in the ocean.

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    • SUP

      Private SUP Tour
      Guiding you to the best spots in Miyako Island!Have the quiet ocean and spectacular view all to yourself!

      If you want to start SUP, Miyakojima Eco Guide Cafe is the place to go.Everyone has longed for a SUP school in the Shimojijima Airport area.This is a new standard activity in Miyako Island that can be enjoyed by everyone!

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