About Us About Us

We are a sustainable tour shop for eco-guides,
friendly to both customers and the environment.

  • without accident

  • protecting coral reefs

  • Minister of the Environment Award

This is a sustainable tourism shop in Miyakojima that is inspiring and disseminating "No Coral Manner" that won the Biodiversity Action Award 2019 (Minister of the Environment Award). The goal is to make future coral reefs sustainable by protecting the baby corals that grow on rocks and stones.
In 1998, we advocated anchorless buoys without submersible anchors, and have been practicing and verifying that this is helpful to protect the environment and make it a sustainable tourism industry. The increase in tourists will only see more beautiful Miyakojima.

Our aim is to provide services that can be enjoyed by three generations, from children to elders. All guests not only learned safety skills at sea but also learned knowledge about protecting the environment. An accident-free record for 35 years proves that our 1-on-1 experience diving is the best example of measures to prevent accidents on the water.

In addition, we plan to strengthen travel education and support for local schools in cooperation with SDGs Active Learning Okinawa, an association of general corporations.

What is Awe vacation? What is Awe vacation?

Why feel that excitement that makes your heart flutter? Every time,
every time I go into the sea...

I have been living in Miyakojima for 37 years, and I feel this feeling every time I go to sea.
It is very common to think of the distant universe, the greatness of nature, the microscopic genes, and the mysterious dragon gods.
I vaguely think it's a feeling called Awe, but I think it's too abstract to really feel it.

However, when I learned that the English word for awe is "Awe", I suddenly understood.
That's right, this feeling of "awe" is Awe.
It is the awe that we exude every time we meet the sea of Miyakojima.
Therefore, I decided to name this awesome vacation "Awe vacation".

The diving boat uses anchorless buoys to fix the boat without harming the original coral reef. A good ecological holiday, made even more beautiful with more tourists. A ''NO TOUCH MANNER'' can protect small corals growing on rocks and stones.

I knew the pace to Eco Guide Cafe was the juncture of this Awe vacation. Awe Vacations plays a role in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that must pave the way for a sustainable society by 2030.

We want to let more people experience Awe holidays and help them build revered SDGs lifestyles.
With that in mind, we're starting the world's first awe vacation from Miyakojima.

February 2023

Equipment introduction Equipment introduction


  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Seminar room
  • Webinar room
  • 8KVR editing room
  • Coral Farming Facility
  • Outdoor seminar venue
  • Drone racing field


  • High-performance PC (AI, 8KVR editing, etc.)
  • 10 HD VR glasses
  • Three 75-inch large LCD TVs
  • Full HD Webinar Equipment
  • 4 high-precision 3D printers
  • 1 high-precision 3D scanner
  • Biological Microscope 4K Output System Bundle
  • 1 microscope
  • One 8K 70-inch large LCD monitor
  • 2 large reef tanks
  • 1 Coral Medium Tank
  • Complete Micro Drone Racing Kit
  • 2 large coral breeding tanks
  • 1 set of 8KVR underwater camera (super high quality)
  • 1 set of 8KVR shooting camera (super high quality)

Company info Company info

Company Name

Ecotourabo Ltd.

Firm name

Eco Guide Cafe


1139-4 Shimojiyo Naha, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture


Yasushi Izawa

Founding date

March 1, 2008

Business content

Ecotourism planning and management

Planning and operation of educational trips

SDGs learning planning and management, etc.

History History

  • 2008


    Registration for 2008 International Year of Coral Reef Activities (ECO Snorkeling Training Course)

  • 2009

    Obtain carbon offset certification

  • 2010

    Ministry of the Environment Ecotourism Award (Special Award)

    Director of the Okinawa Prefectural Coral Reef Conservation Promotion Council (retired)

    Representative Director of Irabu Fisheries Cooperative Association (current position)

  • 2014

    Japan National Tourism Organization Special Award (Okinawa MICE Content Contest)

  • 2018

    International Year of the Coral Reef Official Supporting Company (designated by the Minister of the Environment)

  • 2019


  • 2020

    Biodiversity Action Award 2019 (Minister of the Environment Award)