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Eco Guide Cafe Miyakojima

About Us We are committed to protecting the environment with our guests and are sustainable tour shop in Miyakojima.

  • 37 Years without Accidents

  • 25 Years of Coral Reef Conservation

  • Minister of the Environment Award 4 times

Eco Guide Cafe is a sustainable tour shop with no accidents since its establishment 37 years ago, valuing deep consideration for nature and hospitality for people. We are advocating and practicing "no-touch coral manners" to protect baby corals growing on rocks and stones, and working with Miyakojima City to raise awareness of manners.

Cultivate a heart that respects nature and enjoy a charming holiday

Cultivate a sense of reverence for nature in order to pass on coral reefs to future generations

About Eco Guide Cafe

After crossing the Irabu Bridge
We step into another world.
The heart of Miyakojima
A rare sea that still maintains its former appearance.

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    Blue Cave&Bijyas

    Lots of repeat customers!!
    The breathtaking "Blue Cave" mysterious color light,
    coupled with a variety of growing corals,
    is absolutely comparable to the scenery of Yabiji.

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  • Beach Tour


    There are 160 species of tropical fish!!
    With more than 100 kinds of corals, which is a real "natural aquarium"

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  • Beach Tour

    Wai Wai Beach

    The sea turtle encounter rate is 99%!
    From children to adults can swim with sea turtles!!
    We will also take photos & video to record your happy moments!

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Guide Points

  • 1

    Awe amazing attraction

    We invite you to a place that will take your breath away. The mysterious and shining blue cave, Bijyas beyond Yabiji, the coast of Nakanoshima, which is like a natural aquarium, and Waiwai Beach, where the chance of encountering sea turtles is 99%.

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    People friendly ECO GUIDE

    In order to allow guests to be fascinated by the underwater world and experience a moving and amazing journey!! We are committed to guiding every guest carefully. Cherish the fate of meeting every guest even more.

    Our Instructor

  • 3

    From child to elder
    Recommended for three generations of families to share the experience!!

    Eco Guide Cafe has always been a dive shop that pays special attention to the safety of children and reassures the elders. In addition to snorkeling and stand-up boarding, there is "one-on-one experience slow diving (8 to 80 years old)" , and can share the moving and admiring experience with three generations of family members. If you're 10 years or older, you can enjoy a one-on-one diving experience with three generations of your family.

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    Precious memories
    Present photos and videos.

    Umi, a professional photographer with 100,000 Instagram followers, teaches photography skills to all employees. Our goal is to bring back memories to last a lifetime through photos and videos.

  • 5

    2019 Biodiversity Action Awards
    Environment Minister Award

    To reduse the burdon that tourists bring to the environment, we follow the ISO14001 environment management specification. Execute the first carbon emissions control in ECO tourism business, and educate more than 3,000 coral friendly ECO snorkeler every year. After start using the Irabu Grate Bridge, we fulfill the "No Touch Manner", and aim to lower the burden that tourists cause to the environment.
    Besides, till few tears age, we remove at least 35,000 Crown of Thorns Starfishes every year, keep protecting the corals that growth in Irabu Island and Shimoji Island.
    (Image source: "Press release materials (Ministry of the Environment)"

    Environmental Initiatives

What is Awe Awe experiences
by Eco Guide.

Awe" is a term in Japanese that means "a feeling of reverence." It represents the resonance of a soul that is overwhelmed and filled with awe in the presence of the vastness of nature. The word "Awe" (オウ) originates from the sound emitted when one involuntarily holds their breath in amazement.

The sources of awe can be found in various aspects of nature,
such as the beautiful coral reefs that provide habitats for diverse organisms, or the enchanting mysteries of the countless sparkling stars in the night sky.
By experiencing awe, people can discover their small selves connected to the vastness of nature.

At Eco Guide Cafe, we offer an Awe Vacation that allows your heart to tremble with the vibrant and diverse landscapes woven by the nature of Miyako Island, as well as the grand formations and mysteries of small creatures. Through various activities, we aim to cultivate a sense of belonging to the environment, based on the Awe experienced in Miyako Island, and hope to nurture an awareness of being a part of nature, even in our small existence.

We hope that our post-travel "Awe Everyday Experience" and "SDGs Lifestyle" can serve as a catalyst.