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Experience and learn eco-friendly snorkeling with ECO manners!

The beauty of the underwater scenery that unfolds the moment you put your face in the water is beyond imagination.
It's truly a moment of Awe and breathtaking snorkeling magic.
Miyako Island is the perfect place for snorkeling where even this sense of Awe is born. It has natural aquarium beaches filled with diverse corals and tropical fish. In order to pass down these rare, untouched beaches to the future, Eco Guide Cafe provides not only a safe but also an environmentally friendly snorkeling experience. You can master the no-touch snorkeling skills to protect the baby corals growing on rocks and stones in the beautiful sea of Miyako Island.

PickUp Points Recommended Spots for Snorkeling

  • "Awe-inspiring
    Snorkeling Magic"

    Miyako Island, known as one of the most beautiful places in Okinawa, offers snorkeling at four carefully selected spots. You can have an experience that feels like your soul is being captivated by the underwater world seen through the mask. Our guides are also refreshed by the sea every day.

  • "Protecting Baby Corals:
    No-touch Coral Snorkeling"

    You can acquire environmental skills. Before summer, young corals are born and grow on rocks and stones. By learning the no-touch coral snorkeling skill, you can also protect these invisible young corals.

  • "37 Years Accident-free. Eco Snorkelers:
    Over 50,000 Trainees from a Long-established Shop"

    We will teach you the refined techniques for safe snorkeling. On spacious decks of large boats or in shallow waters near the beach, instructors will provide gentle guidance. Leave it to us for snorkeling debuts of children and seniors.

Courses You Can Join Courses available for snorkeling

  • Blue Cave × Bija's Course

    Recommended for experienced snorkelers. You will enter the water from the boat's step into a 7m deep sea. Then, you can swim deep into the Blue Cave or snorkel over a wide range of corals at Bija's.

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  • Kayaffa Beach Course in Shimajiri Island

    Recommended for snorkeling beginners and debutants. You will practice in the shallow waters near the beach where you can stand. You can encounter four species of clownfish and over 100 types of corals. It's the number one snorkeling spot in Okinawa.

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  • Wai Wai Beach Course in the southern coast of Miyako Island

    For snorkeling with sea turtles, choose Eco Guide Cafe. Our guides, who know everything about sea turtles, will accompany you. With photo and video shooting included, you can create unforgettable memories.

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