SUP Tour SUP Tour

Conducted at a secret location on Miyakojima,
like a private beach, quietly enjoying the sun and the beach!

Eco Guide Cafe is the ancestor of the first introduction of SUP in Miyakojima, and we set up SUP school near Shimojishima Airport. We use a family-style SUP, which can seat 3 adults (maximum load-bearing 210kg), so the stability is very good, make sure everyone can enjoy it.
The sea of Miyakojima is extremely transparent, highlighting the blue of Miyakojima, standing on the SUP, it seems like you are in heaven!
An activity that can be easily enjoyed whether you are alone, as a couple, with friends or as a family.

  • About SUP in detail

    SUP is a marine sport that has attracted much attention in Japan in recent years.
    SUP means stand up paddle boarding, which is a kind of sea sport that stands on a board that is larger than ordinary surfboards, while paddling while riding the wind and waves or walking in the sea.
    Even kids and inexperienced people can play safely on the board with its excellent stability. Inaddation, the SUP is a sport that includes looks and fashion, it's also fitness! Therefore, it is a movement strongly supported by overseas celebrities!

PickUp Points PickUp Points

  • 1 group per day limited

    To allow for total privacy, there is a limit to one group of appointments per day, so you are free to enjoy at your own pace without worrying about your surroundings. As the sun goes down, enjoy the romantic beach and completely relax your body and mind.

  • Kids and inexperienced are also OK!

    Even kids (5+) and inexperienced people can safely enjoy this extremely SUP. After the instructor's explanation, anyone is free to take a walk on the sea.

  • Recommended for family travel!

    The whole family can use a SUP together, so everyone can enjoy it. Kids can sit, Parent can row, grandpa can sit or row, and enjoy various situations. We use safety ropes so you don't have to worry about being swept away by the waves.

  • Event photos and videos attached

    We will use the camera to take pictures of the SUP and your romantic time for you, and record your graceful drifting in the sea. Shooting by drone is also possible (consultation required).

Schedule Schedule

※Times may vary due to sea conditions and tides.

  • 9:50

    Meet up at event locations

  • 10:00

    SUP Lecture Start

    First of all, on the beach, we will explain the use and precautions of the SUP. From the basic kneeling, practice balance, use the paddle to move forward, backward and stand up slowly. The instructor will guide you all the time, and we will use safety ropes during the activity, so you don't have to worry about being swept away by the waves.
    Photography time
    When you feel tired, you can rest freely on the beach
  • 11:45

    Easy shower and change clothes

  • 12:00

    End of event and disband

Tour Outline Tour Outline

  • SUP Tour with shooting

    6,000 yen (tax included)

    Time required: 2 hours

    Participation conditions
    1 person SUP : 12 years old or older
    2-3 people SUP : 5 years old or above (with guardian)

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Operating standards
Due to the fact that the event location will be in an area with relatively no wind or waves, there is a good chance that tours will be canceled on days with strong winds or rough waves.※In case of cancellation, we will contact you the day before or the morning of the day.
What are SUP?
Short for Stand Up Paddleboard, as the name suggests, this is an activity in which you stand on the paddle and paddle on the water.
Can I participate even for the first time?
Yes. Regardless of gender or age, even beginners can learn it easily.
Can kids participate?
Can. We also have a large SUP for 2 or 3 people, so even kids can ride together.
※Please contact us if you have kids aged 5 or under.
Will the coach take pictures for me?
Yes. The instructor will take photos during the activity. Shooting by drone is also possible (consultation required). The photo data will be sorted out and sent after the event.
About the location
We will choose a location without waves according to the sea conditions of the day, so we will contact you the day before the trip to inform you of the location of the trip.
Are there toilets and showers and changing places?
There are no restrooms or changing rooms at the venue. But since the activity is about an hour and a half, we recommend that you go to the bathroom before the activity. There are no shower facilities at the event location, but we will provide fresh water to wash off the sand and seawater from your feet.

Other questions

Cost includes

Tour fee

Equipment rental fee

Insurance fee

Additional options

Rash guards set rental 500 yen

wetsuit rental 1,000 yen (free for guests participating in diving tours)

Bring your own items


Motion sickness medicine


flat slippers

bath towel

change clothes

underwater camera, mobile phone

Specially recommended personal belongings

Hair ring

Rash guard

Sun cream


Slippers that have no heels and are okay to get wet are recommended

Precautions for participating in the event

Falls and falls are possible during the activity, so it is recommended that you wear a swimsuit or something you don't mind getting wet, as well as sun protection clothing, a hat and sunglasses to protect against sunburn and UV rays.

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