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At Eco Guide Cafe, we offer SDGs activities that consider marine life and coral.

  • "Introductory Diving/Introductory Slow Diving"

    Eco Guide Cafe's introductory diving is a one-on-one experience!
    With the guide's solid support, you'll feel like a professional diver.

    The unique one-on-one introductory diving at Miyakojima Eco Guide Cafe allows you to experience advanced-level fun dives right from the start. The weightless swimming just above the coral reefs is truly an exquisite experience.

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  • "Snorkeling"

    Enjoy eco-friendly snorkeling with ECO manners!

    At Eco Guide Cafe, we provide eco-snorkeling that follows the ECO manner of "No Touch," which is a manner to pass down the beauty of Miyakojima's coral reefs to children and grandchildren.

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  • "Skin Diving"

    For those who find snorkeling insufficient. Indulge in a graceful underwater experience that cannot be felt from the water surface.

    Skin diving allows you to dive elegantly with long fins without the heavy equipment. This course is designed for snorkeling beginners. By getting closer to the coral reefs that are too far from the water surface and observing sea turtles from a fish-eye view, the joy of being in the ocean doubles.

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  • "Fun Diving"

    You can fully enjoy the dynamic topography of Miyakojima and the diversity of microorganisms.

    When it comes to Miyakojima, its dynamic topography is a highlight, including exploring caves and tunnels at a depth of 30 meters. However, the vibrant coral reefs and colorful tropical fish cannot be overlooked. With fun diving, you can explore the underwater world of Miyakojima at your own pace.

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  • "PADI Open Water Diver"

    At Eco Guide Cafe, we nurture environmentally friendly Green OW Divers.

    Starting from Awe learning, which fosters a sense of awe and respect for various organisms, including coral and benthos, we train practical skills such as "Green Fins" and "No Touch Coral" to protect baby corals. This course is based on diving and offers SDGs active learning. Optional subjects such as Green Nutrition, which focuses on daily SDGs life, and Green Economics, which aims for a sustainable society, can also be studied.

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  • "SUP" (Stand-Up Paddleboarding)

    Limited to one group per day!
    Private charter SUP tours where you can enjoy exclusive access to hidden spots in Miyakojima.

    If you want to start SUP, Miyakojima Eco Guide Cafe is the place to go. We have made the dream come true by offering SUP school in the area around Shimojishima Airport that everyone has longed for. Using family-sized SUPs that can accommodate three adults, it has become a new staple for enjoying activities in Miyakojima together.

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  • "Stargazing Photo Tour"

    Limited to three groups per day! Stargazing photo tour, guiding you to hidden spots in Miyakojima.

    We guide one group at a time to secluded private beaches where few people visit. Under the starry sky and on the white sandy beach, you can leisurely enjoy the stars in a private space. With the starry sky as the background, our professional guide will take high-quality photos.

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  • "Charter"

    Explore Miyakojima with a large charter boat for sightseeing, snorkeling, introductory diving, and photography!

    Enjoy the freedom of Miyakojima on a large charter boat with a capacity of 45 people. It is recommended for group trips such as company trips and honeymoon groups. You can also charter the Blue Grotto × Biijas course exclusively for your group.

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