InternShip Miyakojima Sustainable Tourism Internship

SDGs Eco-Tour Guide Training This is a guide training

program for eco-tours that have received the Special Award in the Ministry of the Environment's Eco-Tourism Awards.
You can learn about SDGs-focused eco-guiding, where the more tourists visit, the more beautiful it becomes.
By participating in the conservation of Miyakojima's coral reefs, you can also gain valuable experience in SDGs activities that will benefit your future employment or further studies.

Recommended for students like you:

  • Those who want to acquire cutting-edge knowledge in sustainable tourism guiding.
  • Those who want to learn through practical SDGs active learning activities, such as coral reef conservation.
  • Those who aspire to work in an ideal job where their efforts contribute to making the world a more beautiful place.

Recommended for graduate students and working professionals like you

  • Those who want to conduct fieldwork for their master's thesis.(Hokkaido University Graduate School has accepted interns for three consecutive years)
  • Those who want to enhance their SDGs awareness during workations or long-term vacations.
  • Those who are seeking their ideal career change opportunities.

Training content Duties

  • ECO Guide

    Snorkelling Guide

  • Eco Diving Guide

    Diving Guide

  • AweDesigner

    Responsible for web, video and 3D printing

  • Coral guide

    Tours, seminars, breeding management

  • Green AI Instructor

    artificial intelligence, etc.

  • Story editor


High-evaluator benefits High-evaluator benefits

  • Fixed-term employment contract (for the purpose of becoming a regular employee)

    2-month contract → 6-month contract → Full-time contract

  • Flight rewards

    Work for 30 days Self-pay (Naha-Miyako one-way) up to 9,000 yen

    Work for 60 days Self-pay travel expenses (Naha-Miyako round-trip) up to 18,000 yen

  • Qualified for diving

    Work for 30 days Open water diver equivalent to 45,000 yen

    Work for 60 days Advanced Open Water Diver equivalent to 45,000 yen

    (Teaching materials fee and qualification application fee are paid by yourself)

Company info Company info

Internship company

エコツーラボ Co., Ltd. (1139-4 Shimoji and Naha, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture)

Internship location

Dormitory in Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture (local mansions and shared rooms separated by men and women)

During the internship

Every year from April 1st to November 30th (those who can participate for more than one month)

Internship period

8:00-20:00 (internship time is within 8 hours per day) 1 day off per week

Internship Qualification

Current or recent graduates

Internship treatment

Subsidies for dormitory fees (15,000 yen per month) and board expenses (1,000 yen per day)

Internship Content

Eco-Activity Guide Training (Snorkeling/Freediving/Kayaking)


photo shoot

coral reef protection

beach cleanup

diving practice

Pick-up service

Store business

Office appointment management, etc.

Internship Consulting


High-evaluator benefits How to apply

Please email the following.

  • CV (PDF)
  • Motivation (PDF)
  • Frontal and full body photographs (jpeg)