Skin Diving Skin Diving

For those who find snorkeling insufficient.
Indulge in an elegant underwater experience that cannot be felt from the surface of the sea.

Skin diving is a freediving activity done gracefully with long fins, without the heavy equipment. It is designed for those who have experience in snorkeling. Let's start with skin diving at a depth of about 3-5 meters. You will master the jackknife technique, diving effortlessly to enjoy a longer time underwater. Practice horizontal underwater swimming first, then move on to vertical skin diving. By observing sea turtles from the fish's perspective instead of looking down from snorkeling, or getting closer to coral reefs that are too far to reach from the surface, you will enhance the enjoyment of being in the sea.

PickUp Points Here's why skin diving is recommended here!

  • "Experience beyond snorkeling,
    with a focus on safety"

    Skin diving at a depth of 1 meter is a completely different world from snorkeling at the sea surface. You can experience skin diving with a focus on safety and enjoy the sparkling sea when you look up from a fish's perspective.

  • "Start with an angled jackknife,
    and master the vertical jackknife"

    The jackknife technique is used to dive without exerting force, allowing you to enjoy the underwater world for as long as possible. Practice the jackknife technique in pairs, using body weight to dive alternately. Of course, buoyancy aids will be used at the sea surface.

  • "Impressive photography
    in the skin diving scene"

    Capture impressive shots in the depths of 2 meters and 5 meters. We will take photos of various scenes, including freediving shots with long fins. However, the maximum depth is 6 meters.

Courses You Can Join Courses available for skin diving

  • Blue Cave × Biijasu Course

    Experience skin diving in the crystal-clear waters of Biijasu. You can take turns diving in pairs or combine it with snorkeling. The maximum depth is 6 meters, ensuring safety. You can experience the mesmerizing sight of table corals spreading out like folds, up close. We also offer photography sessions to capture stunning photos.

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  • Miyako South Coast Waiai Beach Course

    If you want to go skin diving with sea turtle encounters, Eco Guide Cafe is the place to be. Our guides, who are well-versed in sea turtles, will accompany you. Capture the best memories with photos and videos.

    About this course