Fun Diving Fun Diving

"Experience the dynamic terrain and diverse microorganisms of
Miyako Island to your heart's content."

When it comes to Miyako Island, the dynamic terrain is a highlight. Exploring the Cape and the Halls at a depth of 30 meters is a thrilling experience. However, don't overlook the diverse range of shining corals and colorful tropical fish. With fun diving, you can fully enjoy the underwater world of Miyako Island at your own pace. Wet suits and equipment are available for affordable rental, allowing you to dive into the authentic and dynamic beach points with just your swimsuit.

PickUp Points Here's why Fun Diving is recommended!

  • "Full equipment rental included,
    enjoyable with just a swimsuit"

    As a Nontouch Coral Diver with stable neutral buoyancy, you can enjoy fun diving with "all-inclusive rental for 10,000 yen." Additionally, heavy equipment rental from 2022 is available at a half-price service. The fun dive points include the beach and boat points introduced next.

  • "Natural Aquarium Kayafa Beach
    that fascinates even professional divers"

    Kayafa Beach, located on the southwest side of Shimojishima Island, is like a natural aquarium inhabited by over 100 species of corals and tropical fish (including four types of clownfish). It's a dynamic and diverse hotspot with a maximum reef depth of 7 meters. This beach is a favorite among professional divers and can be accessed year-round.

Courses You Can Join Courses available
for Fun Diving

  • Shimojishima・Nakanoshima Course

    Kayafa Beach is known for its dynamic terrain and biological diversity in Miyako Island. It is a large bay-like lagoon with calm waters throughout the year. With a maximum depth of 7 meters, it allows for extended photo sessions and more. If you can manage yourself as a diver, this is the only beach point in Miyako Island where you can enjoy free buddy diving.

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