Staff Staff introduction

  • Warm hospitality keeps
    three generations satisfied

    Our employees always value our guests. From children to elders, three generations can join our itinerary and experience the beauty of Miyakojima. The photo data we took will be sorted out and sent after the event.

  • "Attention to safety management allows you to experience with peace of mind 37 years without accident"

    The 37-year accident-free record is the result of our daily efforts. We do not forget to pay attention to everyone's safety, let everyone experience it with peace of mind, and strive to prevent accidents. We manage safety training every day and prepare for accidents.

  • "Know how to protect the sea of Miyakojima I know how to introduce Miyakojima"

    It has been more than a quarter of a century since we proposed the use of anchorless buoys to protect coral reefs from anchoring. They have taken measures against crown-of-thorns starfish (removing 35,000 per year) and no-touch coral etiquette to keep the corals in an environment where they can continue to grow healthily.

  • Coach Umi Umi

    Our company is represented by Umi, an ocean-loving instructor and photographer with 100,000 Instagram followers. Coral reef conservation activist, including crown-of-thorns starfish and bleaching countermeasures. Born in Miyako Island. Served as an outstanding outfielder in the independent professional baseball league Tokushima indigo-socks.

  • Foreign language instructor BORU boll

    Our foreign language coaches. Professional diver who can speak four languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese). She used to be a swimming instructor, she is petite, but she has strong knowledge and skills, so that every guest can carry out activities with peace of mind. It is also the enlightener of "NO TOUCH MANNER" and is very popular among overseas tourists.

  • Snorkeling instructor Natsumi Natsumi

    Snorkeling instructor Nasumi (NATSUMI). She is a very careful snorkeling instructor, and often gives you hints or help before something happens to you. With excellent balance, she also excels in SUP!

  • Appointment manager Minako Minako

    Our Appointment Managers have always been very popular for responding to inquiries with condensed content. Also a mother who prays daily for the safety of her guests and coaches. Miyakojima is a place that respects the sea god very much.

  • CEO Yasushi Izawa Yasushi Izawa

    A company representative who has had no accidents for 37 years and has thoroughly practiced safety management+. He has been contributing to the environment as a coral reef conservator and researcher since he invented an anchorless buoy in 1998 that does not require a diving boat to anchor. Awarded by the Minister of the Environment for three consecutive years.