Starry Sky Photo Tour Starry Sky Photo Tour

Limited to 3 groups per day!
Star Photography Tour Shoot at a little-known
secret location in Miyakojima !!

Shooting at a secret location, like a private beach! Standing on the white sand beach under the starry sky, listening to the sound of the waves, slowly enjoying the starry sky. The photographer uses advanced photographic equipment to capture your most beautiful night in Miyakojima. Guests can also provide the composition they want to shoot. One person can also participate! March-November is the season for Galaxy shooting!

Starry Sky Photo Tour

"When you gaze upon the night sky of Miyako Island,
everyone is filled with awe and takes a breath.
Feeling the universe within the vast expanse of stars,
sensing the flow of eternal time,
and encountering our own small and transient existence."

Encounter the moment when a profound sense of awe wells up,
embraced by the vastness of the universe.

"And we are drawn to shooting stars trailing every few minutes,
to the radiant North Star,
andconstellations like Orion."

"By the way, the distance to the North Star is 431 light-years,
which meanswe are seeing the light emitted
from the North Star 431 years ago.
The light from the year 1592,
11 years before the start of the Edo period."
"Our hearts resonate in the great universe beyond the boundaries of time and space,
under the starry sky.
Since ancient times,
elders have spoken of the importance of peace
while looking up at the stars,
encouraging humility and a happy life free from conflict."

"To carry the blue shimmering light of the Earth to the future,
we hope you will nurturethe rediscovered awe
from Miyako Island's starry sky in your daily life,
even after returning to the city.
Please look back at your starry sky photos and remember
the nature you felt on Miyako Island."

Starry Sky Photo Recommendations Starry Sky Photo Recommendations

  • It is recommended to wear bright colors such as
    white / red / yellow to shoot with the starry sky

  • Since the shooting location is on the beach,
    it is recommended to wear slippers without heels

  • You can provide the composition
    you want to shoot in advance,
    making the shooting day smoother

Tour Outline Tour Outline

  • Starry Sky Photo Tour

    5,000 yen (tax included)

    Time required : 30 minutes

    Number of shots
    About 10-40 sheets for 1-4 people
    The captured footage will be edited and delivered to you via LINE or email within about one day.
    Shooting time
    Activity start times are subject to change depending on the weather and the moon's rise and fall

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About shooting location
Basically, the shooting will be done on the beach, and the shooting location will change due to cloud cover and other weather conditions. The exact location will be contacted with you the day before the event
Tour standard
We will cancel the trip when there is a full moon or cloud cover
Recommended clothing
It is recommended to wear bright colors such as white / red / yellow to shoot with the starry sky. Since the shooting location is on the beach, it is recommended to wear slippers without heels
When will I receive the photos taken?
The photos taken will be edited within about a day and delivered to you via LINE or email.
About the photo shoot
During nighttime shoots, the shutter speed will take some time, so we ask you to remain still for about 10 seconds when shooting. As for the poses during the shoot, we have our own recommendations, but it will be smoother if you research compositions you would like to capture on the internet beforehand.
How many shots can I take?
It is about 7 to 10 sheets per person on average, but there is no particular limit on the number of sheets as long as it is within the time.
How many people can participate?
There is no limit to the number of people, but for a group of more than 10 people, it will take a certain amount of time to shoot, welcome to consult.

Other questions

Price includes

Tour fee

Photo editing fee

Insurance fee

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